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Twisted Insurrection Downloads

You can download the latest Twisted Insurrection release (Version 0.7) at the following Mirrors.

Twisted Insurrection 0.6 Twisted Insurrection

Download Twisted Insurrection 0.7 from Moddb 
Download Twisted Insurrection 0.7 from PPMSite.com 
Download Twisted Insurrection 0.7 from TwistedInsurrection.net 
Download Twisted Insurrection 0.7 from GameBanana.com 

How to install and play

Installing Twisted Insurrection couldn't be easier. Once you have downloaded the mod from one of the links above, extract the containing folder anywhere on your computer, even on your Desktop if you like. 

Once done, the Client will advise you modify your TI settings if you have only just installed the game, it is recommended that you do so and follow the advice on what settings to chose provided by the Client. Once you have set-up your options, you are good to go.

The Twisted Insurrection Client is equipped with an auto-update feature, if there have been any changes or updates that are available for public download, you will be asked if you want to download the update. It is highly recommended that you always update if one is available as this could fix all sorts of bugs and would prevent you from being able to join online games if your version is outdated.